Spiritus Loci

View the video: Spiritus Loci

A short film collaboration between Karan Jones and myself, it documents the rituals of eight textile-based artists for a group exhibition. It attempts to unravel the personal stories surrounding these individual interpretations, and explore the notion of connectivity to meaningful places in the context of textiles. The resulting outcome is part a document of events and an evocative reflection on place, meaning and ritual.



View the video: Woolgather

“Woolgather” is a speculative research project for Textile Design Research Concepts (2013) for BA of Textile Design. Hand knitting and crochet are used as a therapeutic tool to make a hood and cape. Thick, warm fibres are used to envelope the wearer to comfort and shield them from the everyday world. The daily noise of society will be reduced through built-in headphones and the textile releases relaxing essential oils into the personal space of the wearer.



View the video: Araluen

RMIT’s second year textile design students collaborated with artists from Araluen – a local organization that provides services for adults with intellectual disabilities. The aim was to produce 20 digitally printed aprons with matching tea towels that would be given to Araluen for them to use as limited edition gifts for their financial sponsors.

The project started with an activity called “Meet Me In The Middle” where students where partnered with artists from Araluen’s arts program to create a piece of collaborative art. The digitally printed linen was cut, sewn and ironed into the final products, while a packaging team printed and put together 4 different types of packaging for the apron and tea towel sets. Throughout a media team took photos and video.