Hi, I’m Amanda – a textile, graphic and web designer who loves colour, texture and handmade objects.

As a designer, I am continuing in the tradition of craft and folk art to refine and elevate these techniques for homewares, fashion and digital design. Building on my background in digital design, I create hand made objects with tactile qualities and intrinsic stories. I am interested in the otherworldly, naïve and intuitive which leads me to explore haptic qualities within knit.

I am inspired by art throughout the ages, everything from Scandinavian folk art through to contemporary abstract art. I am drawn to simplified shapes, bold lines, organic motifs. I am fascinated by the nostalgic, seeking to explore the world with a child-like wonder.

I take photographs focusing on macro elements of nature, urban elements and design details for motifs, colour references and theme. This inspires my constructed textiles to explore texture, colour and contrasting materials. I love to work with my hands to knit or crochet swatches, trialling stitches and exploring materials. I also enjoy working with collage, mixed media, ink, watercolour and block printing.

I believe design is about communication with the aesthetic telling it’s own version of the story. Learning and exploration are key to developing and expanding my textile practice. I love to share by teaching others and I find this reinforces my own practice.

The craft revival has inspired me to take a more creative and hands on approach to all design work and I look forward to seeing where this will lead.