Travelling Down the Road

Since my last blog post, I went on a road trip (Melbourne – Cobram – Forbes – Mudgee – Tamworth – Coffs Harbour – Gold Coast), had Christmas and New Year in Queensland and then returned (Gold Coast – Yamba – Port Macquarie – Newcastle – Wollongong – Albury – Melbourne). It was really relaxing and fun to be out on the road with a different destination each day.

On my return, I was able to see the Oncologist at Peter Mac who had originally found my cancer had spread. After discussing my next set of options, we decided to have my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, along with the unknown mass (sitting on my right ovary) – which would allow us to test it and tailor treatment accordingly. I had keyhole surgery at the Women’s Hospital on 25 January 2017 which went very well and the unknown mass turned out to be a benign cyst.

With no cancer in my ovaries, fallopian tubes or uterus, there was no tissue for them to collect which ruled me out of clinical trials, instead I am now on standard hormone therapy (Tamoxifen tablet, daily) and continuing bone density injections (Denosumab, monthly).

Sounds nice and simple? Here’s the strange part – my recent PET and CT scans show my T12 is playing hide and seek (he’s not showing up on my scan), but the lymph nodes on my chest are (and they are symmetrical). So to work out what is going on there, I have had a bronchoscopy to get a sample of tissue. So far it looks like it isn’t cancer, but not sure what it may be.

Last but not least, a routine blood test has shown that I have an underachieve thyroid. Which means more medication (Thyroxine Sodium tablet, daily) and monitoring.

It’s been a busy start to the year. I’m looking forward to it settling down and for my life to take on a more structured routine.


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