Chemo Treatment

This week has been a combination of catching up with a friend or two, seeing the Breast Nurse (for post-op follow-up) and meeting the Medical Oncologist at Peter MacCallum.

The Medical Oncologist is extremely thorough and went through medical history, family history and a breast exam. She reviewed all my tests and has directed me to get two more done in readiness for chemo.

So here’s where I start with chemo:

4 cycles of AC – once every 3 weeks (3 months)

12 cycles of Taxol – once every week (3 months)

The side effects are as expected – hair loss, fatigue, nausea and dry mouth. No real surprises there.

As part of my preparation this week, I was advised that I wouldn’t be able to go to the dentist during chemo, so I thought I should book in for a clean. And lucky… as I’ve found out that chemo begins on Wednesday 24 February.

So now, I will rest and recover and enjoy my last few days before this adventure begins.


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